How long is orders delivery time?

Delivery time is 1-5 days. We ship the order  in the same or next working day.

Is it possible to pay according the invoice?

It is possible to pay by invoice when you choose the payment method invoice. You will receive the PDF invoice to your email.

Is it possible to order to name of business?

When you are entering the custom information to your order you can enter business information. This information will be in your invoice.

Is it possible to get my order from shop?

It is possible to get youy order from our shop in Arsenali Shopping centre (Erika 14, Tallinn. You can pick up your order M-S 10.00-21.00 and on S 10-19.00.

What I have to do when I want to cancel my order?

When you log in to your account you can see all your orders and it is possible to cancel there. You can only cancel the order when we havent shipped it.

How can I make the complaint of my goods?

You can open the complaint in the option Returnings or send the email with ordering date, product code or name and the explanation about the defect to email address info@bestbrandsretail.com.

From where the orders are sent out?

All the goods from our shop are shipped out fron Estonia.

Is it possible to change the ordered product to another product?

You can change only the size of ordered items. When you wish ohter product you have to make a new order.

How many days it takes you to return the money of returned goods?

We return the money during 1-5 days, but usually 1-2 days.

Where can I bring/send the product I would like to return or change?

Arsenali Shopping Centre (Erika 14, Tallinn. Bestbrands Outlet)
Smartpost parcel machine (14 days with code you picked up the order)
Smartpost parcel machine (Tallinna Arsenali Keskus, +37256620525)
Omniva parcel machine (Tallinna Arsenali Keskus, +37256620525)
By Courier to address: Erika 14, Tallinn 10416 Estonia. BRG Estonia OÜ +37256620525