Terms of Use

1. General settings

1.1. Bestbrands-shop.com e-shop Terms and Conditions (hereinafter – Terms) are for the Buyer (hereinafter- Buyer) and for the Seller (hereinafter – the Seller) mandatory legal document, which sets out the parties’ rights and obligations, the purchase of goods conditions, payment conditions, delivery and returning conditions, as well as other purchase and sales conditions.

1.2. The Buyer is a person, who is registered and is buying from webshop bestbrands-shop.com

1.3. The Buyer can be:
1.3.1. capable individual- person, who is an adult and whose legal capacity is not restricted by court
1.3.2. underage person aged 14 (fourteen) to 18 (eighteen) years with the consent of their parents or guardians, except when it is emancipating;
1.3.3. juridical person

1.4. The seller is in Terms juridical person, BRG Estonia OÜ (reg. no. 16205253) with address Erika 14, Tallinn 10416

1.5. By registering or submitting an order, the buyer declares unconditionally, that he/she has the right to buy from bestbrand-shop.com e-shop.

1.6. The Seller reserves the right at any time to alter, modify or supplement the Terms. About changing the terms the Seller must inform the buyer on the e-shop website. Changes in Terms are applied immidiately all the orders, which have been paid after the announcement of changes.

1.7. Seller is released from any responsibility if the buyer does not fully or partially familiar with the rules, even though that option was granted.

2. Personal Data Protection

2.1. Before making a purchase from online shop bestbrands-shop.com the Buyer is required to register on our online website. During registration the Buyer is required to enter first name, last name, e-mail address and password.

2.2. Buyer, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, agrees that she/he will receive to designated e-mail messages, which have necessary for the ordering of goods, payment for the goods and delivery.

2.3. In addition, the Buyer is obliged to submit their personal details (first name, last name, the delivery address, phone number), which is required for the purchase of goods, delivery and payment for the goods.

2.4. By registering, the buyer gives the seller the right to collect, store, use and process all the purposes specified in these Terms and all kinds of personal information that you provide when registering or/and visiting e-shop.

2.5. Buyer’s personal data are processed in compliance with all existing data protection legal requirements of the Republic of Estonia, as well as other laws of the Republic of Estonia, which adjust data processing and protection. Processing and protecting personal data, the seller uses organizational and technical means to ensure the protection of personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, as well as all forms of unlawful processing.

2.6. Buyer’s personal information is used only by the Seller and its partners, with whom the Seller collaborates in e-store management, in the delivery of goods and (or) in the other related services to execute Buyers order.

3. Purchase and sales contract

3.1. Purchase and sales contract between Seller and Buyer is signed and confirmed when the Buyer submits the order from the bestbrands-shop.com webshop

3.2. If the purchase and sales contract is signed, then the assortment of goods, quantity, delivery time and other conditions shown in the order are mandatory for both sides, to the Seller and Buyer. The conditions may be amended only by the procedure referred in these Terms of use.

3.3. Purchase and sales contracts are recorded and kept in bestbrands-shop.com database.

4. Buyers rights

4.1. The buyer has the right to buy goods from e-shop bestbrands-shop.com, guided by the Terms of use.

4.2. The buyer has the right to return goods, which are ordered from e-shop and withdraw the Purchase and sales agreement not later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days prior to the delivery day.

4.3. The action described in Section 4.2 will be executed according the Civil Code § 6.22810 lg. 1.

4.4. In the section 4.2 described Buyer rights may be used only if the goods are not damaged or its appearance has not changed, and if it is not used.

4.5. Presented and prepared order cancellation or modification is not possible.

5. Seller`s rights

5.1. If the Buyer is trying in any way undermine the e-shop work, safety of data or breaches the Terms of use in any point, then the Seller has the right to limit the possibility of using e-shop bestbrands-shop.com.

5.2. If the buyer chooses to pay for the goods in cash on the receival or if he/she has paid for the goods, but it is unpossible to get contact with the Buyer during provided time accordance the selected shipping method, order will be canceled and returned to the Seller.

6. Obligations of the Buyer

6.1. The buyer is obliged to pay for purchased goods and accept delivery in compliance with these Terms and conditions.

6.2. If the buyer refuses to accept the delivery during the delivery without the reason, then the Buyer is obliged to cover the delivery costs.

6.3. The buyer is obliged to keep and not to give to the third parties their e-store bestbrands.ee user data or passwords. If the buyer loses these data, it is obliged to notify the customer service department of bestbrands.ee immediately. Seller is not responsible for the actions of third parties, which are committed before informing the Seller and until online store administrator will have the opportunity to change the login information of the Buyer. In this case, bestbrands-shop.com is entitled to believe, that the operations are carried out by store buyer.

6.4. The Buyer is obliged to comply with these Terms of use and conditions, which are clearly set out in the e-shop bestbrands-shop.com information section, and not to infringe the legal acts of the Republic of Estonia.

7. Obligations of the Seller

7.1. Seller obliges to provide online services, which have brought out on these Terms of use.

7.2. The Seller is obliged to deliver the goods in a manner the Buyer have chosen during the purchase with accordance with these Terms.

7.3. The Seller is obliged to respect Buyers right to privacy of personal information.

7.4. If the Seller can not deliver due to unforeseen circumstances, e-shop bestbrands-shop.com purchased goods, the Seller has the right to cancel the purchase and sale. Seller must inform Buyer about the cancelled purchase.

7.5. If the Buyer uses the rights from paragraph 4.2. and fulfills the conditions of section 4.4., the Seller is obliged to return the money within seven (7) days of the date when the returned goods had been handed over to the Seller.

7.6. Sellers is not obliged to return money to Buyer until the goods are not returned to the Seller or until the Buyer provides proof, that returned goods are delivered to the Seller. Also if the goods do not meet the requirements set out in section 4.4.

7.7. Seller is obliged to provide the Buyer a clear and understandable information, as set out in the Civil Code of the Republic of Estonia § 6.2287.

8. The Price of the Goods

8.1. The price on the e-shop and on bestbrands-shop.com orders is the currency of the country- euro. The seller is VAT taxpayer. VAT is added to the price and if the order is approved, then the delivery fee will be added to the goods price.

9. Ordering goods and payment for the goods

9.1. The buyer, who visits the e-shop, selects goods and prepares a shopping cart. After drawing the cart, the Buyer must enter data, which is necessary for the delivery of goods and the acquisition: your first name, last name, address, where the goods will be delivered, a phone number and additional information, that may be necessary for the delivery.

9.2. Order will be forwarded to delivery after it is paid by bank transfer.Sell and Purchase contract effects from the moment the money is received to Sellers account. If the payment is made in cash or by bank card, when receiving the goods, then the Sell and Purchace agreement effects from the moment the order is confirmed by Buyer in the e-shop.

9.3. The Buyer has the right to pay for the goods in e-shop using following payment methods:
9.3.1. with bank transfer;
9.3.2. with creditcard;

9.4. the price in the e-shop and in final order confirmations is in euros and the VAT is included

10. Delivery of the goods

10.1. The Buyer is obliged to appoint the exact delivery address, when ordering the goods from the e-shop

10.2. The Buyer is obliged to receive the goods personally. If the Buyer does not receive the goods personally, but the goods are delivered to the address appointed in the order, the Buyer have no rights to submit claims, that the goods have been delivered to the wrong person.

10.3. Seller delivers the goods to the Buyer, in accordance with delivery deadlines, mentioned in description of goods. These deadlines are expected and does not apply in cases, where the Seller does not have the necessary stock of goods, and the Buyer shall be informed of the lack of goods ordered. Buyer agrees, that in exceptional cases the delivery may be delayed by circumstances independent of the Seller. In this case, the Seller contacts the Buyer immediately and gives information about new delivery terms and contitions. If the Seller can`t deliver the goods for the new delivery date, the Buyer has right to use point 4.2 and refuse the goods and Purchase and Sale agreement.

10.4. The goods will be delivery to the customer in one of the following ways:
10.4.1. Smart / Itella courier
10.4.2. Omniva courier
10.4.3. Buyer picks up the goods from our store.

10.5. Seller is not responsible for the infringement of the delivery deadlines if the goods do not reach to Buyer or will be delivered at the time, which was not agreed on the fault of third parties or from the Buyer dependent circumstances.

10.6. If the buyer, who has accepted the shipment, note the lack of conformity, production failure or other effects of products must promptly notify the Seller. If a complaint about the quality of goods is confirmed and the Buyer returns the goods, then the Seller returns the money to Buyer within fourteen (14) days and also cover the costs of returning.

10.7. Buyers, who have received the goods from Omiva or Itella postal vending machines and have noticed the injury of the pack must immediately notify the bestbrands-shop.com e-shop.

10.8. The features of goods are seen in each item description. Seller is not responsible for the fact that the color of goods, shape or other parametres may not compliance the actual trade size, shape and color beacuse of the Buyers computer display features.

11. Return of the Goods

11.1. The defects of sold goods are eliminated, the goods with poor quality are replaced or repurchased according to retail regulations of the Government of Republic of Estonia.

11.2. If the Buyer wants to return the goods, Terms of use section 11.1, he must comply the Return of the Goods paper, which the Buyer got with goods.

11.3. Returning the goods the Buyer must follow following conditions:
11.3.1. Returned goods must be in original, correct and undamaged package (this section does not apply if returned goods are facing quality issues)
11.3.2. the goods must be undamaged by Buyer;
11.3.3. The goods must be unused, must be preserved in its commercial appearance;
11.3.4. the goods labels must be undamaged, protective films couldnt be teared off etc. (This paragraph does not apply if returned goods are facing quality issues);
11.3.5. Returning the goods Buyer must submit the purchace document, warranty card (if issued) and fill the return form;
11.3.6. The seller has the right to refuse taking back the goods if the Buyer doesnt follow the returning conditions;
11.3.7. Return of the goods must take place at within fourteen (14) days from the date of receiving the goods;

11.4. Return of the goods with fine quality and the replacement procedure is executed according to Civil Code §1 6.22810

11.5. If the Buyer have received the goods, but returned them within 14 days and all the returning conditions are fullfilled, the money will be returned to Buyers accout not later than seven (7) days of the day, when the Seller received the goods, except when the buyer and seller agree otherwise.

11.6. Seller does not take the resposibility of the delayd money refund transfer if the returning form is filled with incorrect data.

12. Sharing the information

12.1. Seller shall notify the Buyer using his/ her e-mail address in the registration form, the Buyer can use all the communication channels, that are mentioned in this section yer

13. Responsibility

13.1. The buyer is fully responsible of the accuracy of the data in the registration form. If the buyer submits inaccurate data on the registration form, then Seller is not responsible for the consequences arising therefrom, and will have the right to demand from the Buyer compensation of any direct damages.

13.2. The buyer is fully responsible for his actions, when he/ she is visiting the online store bestbrands-shop.com.

13.3. Buyer is responsible for the safety of their registration data. If the registration data is used by third person, it shall be deemed that he/she is a Buyer

13.4. If there occurs damage, then the guilty part have to compensate the other party occurred damage according to law of Republic of Estonia.

14. Marketing tools used by seller

14.1. The seller may use a variety of campaigns, make these conditions or to terminate them.

14.2. Buyer, by accepting the Terms of use, agrees that to his/her designated e-mail aadress is forwarded newsletters and campaign information.

14.3. A buyer, who does not wish to receive newsletters or campaign information or, who wishes to change the newsletter settings, he/she can do it yourself by logging in to your account

14.4. When a buyer purchases the goods and pays for it with coupons and later uses section 4.2. from these Terms to return the goods, then the vouchers amount is deducted from the order amount and the left amount will be transfered to Buyers account. Coupons are one-off, and when they are used, they will not be returned. If the goods are returned we dont return the coupon. Coupons can not be exchanged for cash.

15. Final Provisions

15.1. These Terms of use are prepared in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

15.2. These Terms of use and relationships of the parties is forced by the laws of Republic of Estonia and are interpreted under the laws of Estonia.

15.3. All disputes arising in implementation of these Terms, are resolved by negotiations. If the parties are unable to agree, the dispute solving procedures proceed according to laws of the Republic of Estonia.

15.4. The Parties shall be exempted from the obligations of these Term of use if it is impossible to follow them, because of unexpected and undependent circumstances, which include:
15.4.1. fire, explosion, storm and other natural disasters, which do not allow them to meet their obligations or to cause delays;
15.4.2. event or circumstance, that the party (parties) can not control and that do not let fullfill obligations or cause delays;
15.4.3. governmental institutions, which do not let to fullfill the obligations or cause delay.